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-- 20 August 2022 --

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20 August 2022


CNE Bandshell


Toronto, ON. Canada

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Solo - special guest Hawksley Workman

Bruce Cockburn - 20 August 2022 - Toronto - CNE Bandshell - Hawksley Workman - photo Brian Wood

Bruce Cockburn - 20 August 2022 - Toronto - CNE Bandshell - Hawksley Workman


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Setlist by the Brian Wood, who commented,
Just got back from the outdoor show tonight at the CNE Bandshell in Toronto. In my 45 years of shows mostly in Toronto, I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen him here before. Here are my mostly unedited ramblings written on the train ride home.
Fun show! An appropriately hot sticky night to go along with the general sticky grittiness that is the CNE in Toronto - Bruce mentioned Toronto much more often tonight than back in April when I saw him at Massey Hall.
Hawksley Workman opened with 6 songs or so and mentioned several times getting to hang out with Bruce backstage and being a big fan….fun set.
[referencing Café Society] - “written in an era when we all thought it was funny that Trump was running for President….more political commentary - but that Trump reflected tendencies around the world….” Mentioned conspiracy theories - says not a subscriber personally, but there must be some kind of Satanic conspiracy that put Trump and Covid together - dividing us - what we need is to to pull together instead”) - this led into the singing of Orders.
[referencing When The Spirit Walks In The Room] - “second time I’ve played it in front of people”

Laughter- with Hawksley Workman.

Lovers In A Dangerous Time - lildemonguitaristspro #brucecockburn - #cne last night. This man is a national treasure.

Dink's Song - during soundcheck - Lima Zulu