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-- 4 August 2016 --

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4 August 2016


KALW - Nourse Theatre


San Francisco, CA

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Solo - Benefit show for KALW radio station, with Kronos Quartet.

Bruce Cockburn - Nourse Theatre San Francisco, CA benefit


Bruce had his 6-string, 12-string and the charango.



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    Setlist and review submitted by Bobbi Wisby. 75th anniversary poster

    Thursday's show at the Nourse Theater in support of San Francisco's, one of the oldest FM stations in the country was full of heart and great guitar.

    We arrived in San Francisco about 3pm, after about a 5-6 hour drive. I checked with soundman Russ Cole on soundcheck and they were just finishing, so I did not hear that. Russ did mention he heard 2 songs that were 'new to him', but I don't have any more info on that.

    Bruce was in good spirits and played his heart out. It was an hour long set, maybe a bit over. He commented that without public radio all we would have for news would be Fox... gotta support the public radio stations, and keep them on the air.

    The Nourse is a large theater with over 1600 seats, I would guest-a-mate about 1200 seats were taken, we were second row to the right of the stage. (Personally I like to sit just left of center as I can see his hands on the guitar better and also see his face not obscured by the mic and guitar head.) It was a great show, I really liked that he opened with Open, I don't believe I have been to show where he has done that. When he picked up the charango, he explained that the orginal charango was made from an armadillo body, and that those bodies could carry leprosy, so he had this one made for him. (by Linda Manzer)

    He received 2 standing ovations, but only came back once, as time was short.

    Kronos Quartet

    He didn't chat much, time was constricted as there was another band, the Kronos Quartet to perform following him. Kronos Quartet is a string ensemble who do amazing arrangements. This was the first time for me to see them Live and can only say, go to a show if you have the chance... utterly intense and beautiful and energizing and awesome.

    There was an after party event that KALW put on. Wine and desserts and hors d'oeuvre in another building down the street from the Nourse, it was a cold, damp & windy night. Standing only, which did get tiring as the night wore on.

    Russel (my husband) and I met up with Russ Cole (soundman) and we talked about all the early 80's Bruce shows we had been too. Russ has run sound for Bruce several times, and is an Arcata CA resident. Greg King (co-author) also lives in Arcata, as does Jenny Scheiman, and I am just a hour and 1/2 outside of Arcata.... seems like Bruce has a strong support group located in Humboldt county.

    When Bruce arrived, he barely got a snack plate and people were on him to sign, photo and connect. After a bit I went up and gave a hug and said we would catch up later. It was about an hour later when people's needs had been met and we had just a few minutes to chat.

    He talked to me a bit about the 'early stages' of getting the new album together. Everything about that is still in its infancy, so no concrete plans for band mates, producer or label. He said he had 10 songs.

    It was a short and sweet show. The last 3 shows I have been to were benefits for some worthy cause. This is great, but it also usually means shorter sets. I am so glad I was able to get to this show.. and waiting patiently (ha ha) for the next one.

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