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-- 17 October 2015 --

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17 October 2015


The Gate


Cardiff, Wales, UK.

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Bruce Cockburn and Nicky Johns Coates 2015 Cardiff, Wales




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Setlist submitted by Nicky Coates, who has the following to say:

Bruce appeared on stage bang on time. He stood between two tables: the one on his right had his effects pedals on, the one on his left held the two instruments he wasn't playing and the sleep sheep leaning against a bottle of wine looking uncannily like the prizes for the raffle.
He apologised in advance for any cubism in his singing - he had a bad cold.
[During Rumours Of Glory], I was close enough to hear him singing along to the outro. He introduced it by describing the evening in a San Francisco bar drinking bourbon when it was suggested to him that he should write a 'spiritual memoir'. Two of the men from the publishing house were really pushing the idea, the third was sceptical. He kept asking what the arc was. Bruce remembers pointing out that he was still alive. Then he chuckled and said, 'Writers of the lost arc' and played the next song. [Mango]
He clearly wasn't well, but it was an amazing gig. Thirteen hours later writing this, I'm still grinning at little flashbacks. At one point he said he was starting to sound like Brian Lewicki, a former bandmate who fancied himself as the Polish Wilson Pickett who tried to stretch out an attack of tonsillitis for as long as possible to keep the rasp in his voice and retain the unusual ability to sing two notes at once, although you could never be quite sure what those notes would be. ~Nicky Coates

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