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-- 2 May 2015 --

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2 May 2015


Bears Den Theater


Niagra Falls, NY. USA

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Solo show - Rumours Of Glory tour




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Submitted by Peter G Rao

8:00 start. Bruce was came out about 8:10. A Casino show, so performers always have time restraints. (The Casinos have to get you back out to gamble – as Bruce makes reference to just prior to the Encores). The result is a slightly abbreviated show with only 16 songs – with a 2 song encore.

The sound at the Bears Den is always great and every seat has excellent view. Bruce kicked off with a great performance of Bohemian Three Step and kept the audience captivated for the remainder of the show. Interesting use of a “wave machine” adding some background Ocean Wave sounds to add to the preceding story before Planet Of The Clowns, and The End Of All Rivers. The Wave Machine was either hidden behind two toy Teddy Bears… or in fact the Teddy Bears were the actual Wave Machines… I couldn’t tell… none the less it received a bit of laughter from the crowd.

Not a lot of conversation, I think do to the time constraints. As with all shows at the Bears Den… Bruce was available in the lobby for signatures, pictures, and conversation.

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