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-- 17 May 2015 --

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17 May 2015


Performing Arts Center


South Orange, NJ. USA

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Solo show - Rumours Of Glory tour


Bruce Cockburn - Photo by  Jeanne Sakata

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Setlist and show report submitted by Bob Ryan

Bruce was in a good mood and did a fine job in my opinion. Allowances are made for age :-) He said that he was becoming a songwriter again after turning off that side of his life for the 3 years he spent writing his memoir. The highlights for me were the songs that I haven't heard much lately live - Hills Of Morning, God Bless The Children, After The Rain and Planet of the Clowns. Bruce has so much catalog to choose from. It's too bad he doesn't dig out some other gems.

As Bruce is on the verge of 70 years old I wonder whether this will be the last time I am able to see him. Maybe not, but it will come to an end sometime, so I try to appreciate things. It strikes me as a privilege that I could easily get a front row ticket to hear these wonderful songs sung once again. I've always been surprised that Bruce's talent is not appreciated by more people.

Bruce was meeting people and signing things again. He has been doing this for something like 4 years or so. How kind is this, that he thinks of the people who want to meet him. So I thanked him for being my favorite artist for 30 something years and he was nothing but gracious. In addition to being a wonderful artist Bruce is a good man.

Photo from - Jeanne Sakata via Twitter, Yesterday night in NY: my favorite guitarist-singer-songwriter, Bruce Cockburn, sings my favorite song. Unforgettable.

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