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-- 14 May 2015 --

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14 May 2015


Music Hall


Tarrytown, NY. USA

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Solo show - Rumours Of Glory tour


Bruce Cockburn - Photo Music Without Borders

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Comments/further information

Setlist and show comments submitted by Peter Johnson. Strange Waters (powerful!), Soul of A Man (powerful!), Call It Democracy (got the usual rise from the audience), God Bless the Children (again, powerful!), Put It In Your Heart ("Come on!"), Rocket Launcher (applause for this song is always kind of weird), Wondering Where the Lions Are (everyone sings the chorus, of course).
Bruce was vary gracious after the show, signing books, pic taking with him in the lobby.

Additional setlist info submitted by Richard Leach In addition to the songs in the setlist submitted by Peter Johnson, Bruce performed "After the Rain" (initially beginning the second refrain after the first set of stanzas but catching himself) and an instrumental, "Sunrise on the Mississippi." "After the Rain" was in the first set - not sure where "Sunrise" was, I made notes after the show rather than during it.

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