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-- 11 May 2015 --

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11 May 2015


Narrows Center for the Arts


Fall River, Ma USA

Show comments:

Solo show - Rumours Of Glory tour


Bruce Cockburn - Photo by Rick Farrell Mojo Photography

(songs with * maybe be out of order)


(On setlist for 2nd encore, but not played: Pacing the Cage)


Comments/further information

Setlist and show report submitted by Ed Osborn, I was at Bruce's show at the Narrows center a few days ago and made this list from memory after getting home.

I saw a couple of the setlist printouts after the show, and there were some songs listed with spaces left blank in between them - these seemed to be places where Bruce would decide which songs to play. There was also one song listed for the second encore, but there was only one encore which contained two songs.

He had four guitars with him and played all four at some point in the set. Each guitar had two outputs, one that went to his effects pedals and the other straight to the house system. There were two pairs of large hanging chimes that he operated with foot pedals. He had two "Sleep Sheep" that made wind/ocean noises that played underneath "Planet of the Clowns" and "The End of All Rivers."

Photo submitted by Rick Farrell of Mojo Photography. He has a great set of photos up at Mojo Photography Facebook page

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