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-- 5 March 2015 --

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5 March 2015


Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, Olympic Ballroom, Holiday Inn Hotel


Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

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Performing in a song circle with Foy Vance and Ken Haddock


(Bruce's songs only)

Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival
Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival

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Submitted by Soledriver, and Harry Scott who provided the photos and the following report.

I've been to thousands of concerts in over 40 years of gig-going, and one of the best shows I've ever seen took place a few nights ago in a function room in a hotel in Belfast in Northern Ireland. Every year they have a songwriters festival here, with a multitude of diverse acts showing what they've got. Bruce Cockburn was this year's star attraction and we were lucky enough to be able to come and see him perform in a song circle which also featured two local talents: Foy Vance from Bangor and local lad, Ken Haddock, who has been a face on the Belfast music scene for more years than he will care to admit.

It would be a long piece that could capture what was a relentlessly magical evening, as three diverse characters played off each other and with each other, with Bruce adding touches of lead guitar into the songs of the other two singers' performances, and all three had to up their game so as not to be left behind.

Foy started the night off with a bit of audience participation followed by my first taste of Ken Haddock, who turns out to be a hidden gem. His opening comments were his tribute to Bruce. "I'm like a 10 year old boy who loves football and he's playing with Lionel Messi... but the age thing doesn't work, and it's like playing with Pele."

Then it was Bruce's turn and he commented that he was "having fun already... I'm not sure you guys were born yet when I wrote this... doesn't really matter" and played After The Rain, to which Foy added some violin bowed effects to the end section. As the applause died away, Foy commented "Wanker... now what am I supposed to do, Bruce?" but carried off a great version of Joy Of Nothing from his second full-length CD and his new live album... get it, and you won't be disappointed.

Suffice that the whole show was one spine-tingler after another... soon to be available on dime-a-dozen.

At one point during Pacing The Cage Foy decided to lie on the floor behind Bruce, who was visibly shocked... the following evening we asked Foy about this when we met him in the bar, and he told us that he just wanted to savour Bruce playing the song without looking out over the audience.

Of note also was Ken Haddock's version of Southlands Of The Heart, which he preceded by commenting "You know that I'm known around town for doing covers and stuff... I'm going to do another cover tonight, and Bruce, if you know the words you can sing along with it." At the end Bruce replied, "I can't tell you what a surreal rush that is to play along with that... it was absolutely lovely, thank you for doing it."

We had a fantastic time at the festival and in being tourists in Belfast... one of our best breaks ever... and we still had a solo show by Bruce to look forward to the following evening.

Review - Bruce Cockburn 'In The Round' at Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival - March 5, 2015 - by Cara Gibney

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