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-- 12 April 2015 --

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12 April 2015


Word Of South


Tallahassee, FL, USA

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Word of South Festival, Cascades Park w/Robert Olen Butler


Bruce Cockburn - Robert Olen Butler - Word Of South Festival

Bruce Cockburn - Word Of South Festival
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Setlist submitted by Michael Sahno. Bruce played guitar behind Robert Olen Butler for several spoken-word pieces in between some of these tracks. It was incredible.

[editor: Small Source Of Comfort was listed in the soundcheck and show, but as there is no song by that title and the phrase is used in Five Fifty One, I used that song.]


Robert Olen Butler @RobtOlenButler - April 12
Sound checks underway. Bruce Cockburn and I are about to perform together in Cascades Park in Tallahassee. (first photo)


Ariel Backer: Bruce Cockburn's soulful acoustic performance is phenomenal. Check him out at the Edison Stage. #WordOfSouthFest Photo

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