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-- 13 November 2013 --

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13 November 2013


Bush Hall


London, UK

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Submitted by Harry Scott, as well as Nicky Johns who contributed the following:

Inside, the hall is a triumph of rococo plasterwork, although bits of the ceiling looked a bit rickety. I last saw Bruce at Greenbelt as I stood calf-deep in liquid mud, so watching him from a chair in a room full of mirrors with chandeliers above made an interesting contrast.

There were two guitars on the stage: a green Manzer which seemed scratched enough to be the same guitar I've seen him play over the years and a twelve-string. The guitar tech came and set them up, and then we waited. The room was packed, with people standing around the edges; there were probably about 250 to 300 of us there in total.

Bruce came in from a door to the right of the stage and gave us his trademark self-deprecating grin. He came up onto the stage, picked up the Manzer and launched into his set. The years have been pretty kind to him, he's still looking good, and the vodka-and-cocoa voice is undiminished. He did say when someone asked for Live On My Mind that he couldn't play that picking pattern any more, but his guitar playing still looked amazing to me.

As he was picking up the 12-string, a woman called out, "I love you, Bruce!" He replied, "If I knew who you were, it would be mutual, I'm sure." Short delay, then a man's voice was heard, "I love you, Bruce!" Bruce grinned, and said, "You too!"

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