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-- 12 July 2013 --

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12 July 2013


Rio Theater


Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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2013 solo tour


Bruce at Santa Cruz


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Submitted by Bobbi Wisby, who also writes about the show at her blog, On My Beat, where there are also a number of photos and videos. The photo above is by Riley Quarles, and George Leonard adds the following:

Another great show, Bruce in fine form. Two songs I've never seen him perform, and I've seen Bruce more times than I can count, Grim Travellers and Understanding Nothing. He told a story of sitting next to a World Bank executive in the late 70s early 80s, and how out of touch the man was regarding the human cost of globalisation. Bruce commented, though the man may accumulate monetary wealth, he may lose his soul along the way. We love Bruce here in Santa Cruz and will look forward to his return in the future.

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