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DATE: 5 August 2006
VENUE/SHOW: Great American Music Hall
LOCATION: San Francisco, California, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards. Supported by Sarah Harmer.



Submitted by Robert Burrows:

The concert was great. The audience was very enthusiastic and showed their appreciation by giving Bruce two standing ovations. Sarah Harmer who opened was also very good.

At one point Bruce commented: "That's a song called Jerusalem Poker. Enough said." Beautiful Creatures was introduced by Bruce saying that a friend of his, when she heard Life Short Call Now said that it was the saddest song she'd heard, until she heard the next one, which was Beautiful Creatures. Tell The Universe was introduced by Bruce who said the song arose out of a jam and that it was a collaborative effort with Ben Riley, Julie Wolf and Steve Lucas. After If I Had A Rocket Launcher, Bruce was about to leave the stage, but then said he didn't want to leave us with that song, and decided to do Lord Of The Starfields to finish.

Doug also adds:

The venue was fabulous — very ornate, with near-perfect acoustics. The sound was extraordinary.

Opening act was Sarah Harmer, who is in the upper echelon of singer-songwriters. Her voice is like crystal, her songwriting top-notch, and her band flawless. Sarah's performance alone was worth the price of admission.

At the end of Let The Bad Air Out when he finished his growl "Open up the window, let the bad air out", he said he felt like Marilyn Manson when he sings that line, and wonders if he should go out and purchase demonic looking clothes.

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