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DATE: 18 August 2006
VENUE/SHOW: Botanic Gardens
LOCATION: Denver, Colorado, USA

SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards. Supported by Sarah Harmer.

Bruce in DenverSETLIST


Submitted by Eric Morcom. Larry McDowell submitted the photos and adds:

While waiting in line and talking with a friend about the previous night's show at Boulder Chautauqua, I glanced over the fence into the garden and saw Bruce walking. He looked deep in thought and I didn’t want to bother him but it was pretty cool to see him just a few feet away. Anyway, on to the show.

Sarah Harmer opened again for him and once again she was excellent. I highly recommend checking out her music if you haven’t yet.

The Denver Botanic Gardens was a bit different of a venue compared with the previous night in Boulder. Definitely the wine and cheese set here and I was thinking that some of them might be in for a shock if they aren’t familiar with Bruce’s music.

Bruce came out looking a bit more serious than the day before. He chose to do Lovers In A Dangerous Time in a slower tempo so it had an almost ballad feel to it. I liked the adaptation and it was a nice change. He got the crowd singing with Wondering Where The Lions Are and after Bruce was done with Jerusalem Poker he referred to it as “Fold Disco” and said they were going to try something different. He then led into Beautiful Creatures which he did superbly. I remember that police sirens started going off in the background and almost seemed fitting for this particular song.

Bruce and Julie did not disappoint with Wait No More or Dust And Diesel, both providing inspiring solos that left me wanting more. They play off each other so well!

The previous night, Bruce was pretty quiet and didn’t say much but this particular night he decided to say a few words before Tell The Universe. He talked about how Julie and he wrote it and how we were lied into the war in Iraq. Some of us were clapping/cheering in agreement but a few didn’t appreciate the sentiment and one, in particular, decided to yell “go back north” and “remember 9/11”. That only excited the crowd more and Bruce didn’t even let him rattle him and he continued with the rest of what he wanted to say and provided a performance of Tell The Universe that was incredible.

His duet with Sarah Harmer, (Waiting For A Miracle), was just as good as the previous night and I wouldn’t mind seeing them perform together some more. For the encore, The End Of All Rivers was a nice surprise and Bruce was virtuosic in his playing. Extending his solo a bit for our enjoyment and then leading in to All The Diamonds to close out the night.



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