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DATE: 17 August 2006
VENUE/SHOW: Chautauqua Summer Series
LOCATION: Boulder, Colorado, USA

SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards. Supported by Sarah Harmer.



Submitted by Rupert Loydell. Larry McDowell adds:

Opening up for Bruce was Sarah Harmer and I really haven’t heard much of here until that night. I’m sure glad I did because she is an incredible singer/songwriter. Her voice cut through the crowd like a knife and the harmonies provided by Julie Fader added the icing to the cake. I became a fan in an instant and bought her CD. Thank you Bruce for introducing her to us!

Bruce came out smiling and with what seemed like a bounce in his step. His energy was pretty good and was evident in his performance, especially in songs like Slow Down Fast and when he was getting the crowd to sing along in Wondering Where The Lions Are. The mix, unfortunately was off at times and Julie was occasionally drowned Bruce, but the sound man would eventually get it dialed in.

Open was a great way to start the show because Bruce and Julie’s voices blend so well and it was nice to hear them singing together again. Not much banter between the crowd and Bruce except in regards to how hot it was. Bruce made a joke that the last time he was there, everyone was yelling out how cold it was so I guess you can’t please everyone. At one point someone yelled out “get rid of Bush” and Bruce sort of chuckled and said “lets invite him in to sit down and talk”. Bruce was spot on with his guitar playing, keeping me mesmerised with that right thumb driving the song like a jungle drum. I would have to say a highlight of the show was when Bruce had Sarah Harmer come and they did Waiting For A Miracle with each other. Two great voices singing a great song and it was a privilege to hear.

Songs on the new album like Life Short, Call Now and Different When It Comes To You were solid. Wished they would have had someone playing bass but it was still real nice to hear. This Is Baghdad, Tell The Universe and Jerusalem Poker were probably the favourite performances.

Overall, it was yet another solid, entertaining, and too short of a performance by Bruce Cockburn and company. I left energised, amazed and excited for the next day's show at the Botanical Gardens in Denver.


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