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DATE: 31 January 2005
Concert for Tsunami Relief, Saddledome
Calgary, AB, Canada
SHOW COMMENTS: Bruce was one of the performers at this concert.



Jampel Rigsang contributed the following:

The timeless aspirations of one for all was the spoken and unspoken powerful truth of sages and singers of old and young from every age. The singer, a medium who is channelling the power of greater energy, focusing it through the narrow lens of compassionate oneness is embodied in Bruce Cockburn.

His performance of Joy Will Find A Way on the benefit concert gave new meaning to the words shamanistic, chaneller, medium, hypnotic trance inducer. I was transported unlike ever before by Bruce's invocation of love-inspired healing energy. He has brought onto the stage, in the unlikely form of a bard, the best of what humanity
has to offer humanity - a heart of gold. Mine no further this heart, for we can find it in each of us, if we turn inward and look, inspired, induced by Bruce's musical renderings of a moment extended into time, and space
resonating into our cellular makeup, the reminder of our affective quality, our ability to resonate with the pain
of others, and our inability to ignore the suffering of others without painful consequence to our own 'self'.

He brought me back to the meaning of musician, composer, performer, stage person not persona. Away from the dullness of Britney, into the awakening of brightness. Thank you Bruce for a moment extended in space and time
that left me spellbound... Lost for 12 hours in 5 minutes as never before lost and found. Again.

Thank you for your picking style, and understated chanelling. You are the Canadian shaman on the stage without equal.

Izumi Nakanishi, who also attended the concert, painted this picture in reaction to the event and the tragedy that inspired it: "Thank you to Mr Bruce Cockburn, every people and every things."



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