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DATE: 28 December 2005
Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, ON, Canada
SHOW COMMENTS: Annual "Bambi and the Deerhunters" show, with Colin Linden (guitar) Tom Wilson (guitar), Stephen Fearing (guitar), Richard Bell (keys), Gary Craig (percussion), John Dymond (bass) and, of course, Bruce Cockburn on his Gretsch guitar.

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Submitted by Nancy Bouwma.

The Horseshoe Tavern has an... ambience, shall we say... all its own. From the strange small "Ring Bell for Food" window at the front bar to the long list of proper pool etiquette rules posted in large letters that I'm sure are carefully followed by all patrons. The pictures of past performers, some from days long gone, still line the entrance where we all wait anticipating another unforgettable night. The dance floor and seating area were packed as usual but we did manage to find our way up front.

I've given up writing notes at these shows, you just miss too much of the interaction that takes place on the stage.There were more new BARK tunes in there, but the titles escape me. One of the most amazing things about this evening is that Bruce Cockburn played on every one of these songs with a single guitar. We watched as he would listen to a few bars of these brand new songs and find his way along the neck to fit in perfectly with the rest of the guys. Bruce and his fellow cohorts also accompanied a new up and coming Blues singer, Roxanne Potvin from Ottawa, Ontario on two songs. She has a powerful voice and a lot of courage to stand up on-stage surrounded by Canada's best as she sang her heart out.

The mood is always light and the atmosphere leads to some experimenting with rhythms and solos by everyone. I especially loved the slowed down pace of The Coldest Night Of The Year. It's one of my favourites so I was allowed to savour it that much longer. This show went on for almost three hours with a short break in the middle. No one in the audience wants the show to end and it's always difficult to wind down afterward, but we must bear in mind that the guys must live to play another day. We all leave hoping that the Bambi meets Blackie phenomena will return to rejuvenate us once more.



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