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DATE: 20 November 2004
Sheraton Colonial Boston Hotel
Boston, MA, USA
Benefit for Boston Food Bank

Boston showSETLIST



Photo submitted by Dan Bostdorf. Setlist submitted by
Christian Hulseman, and Jennifer who comments:

Of course Bruce was GREAT. It was solo acoustic. A radio station that plays him often organized a benefit for the NH and MA food banks. It was held in a hotel ballroom with tables and chairs and we had a Thanksgiving type buffet beforehand. Even though I didn't order tickets until a couple of days ago, we had really good seats. It was
pretty intimate. There was also a silent auction and one of the items was a Bruce guitar which he autographed.
He played one set, but the audience wanted more, of course.

He told a story about seeing the infamous Fallwell and Roberstson anti-NY (gays, abortionists and other sinners) diatribe on TV and was inspired to write Put It In Your Heart. He told us Tell The Universe is about all the world leaders who make sure the world doesn't run out of pain. All in all, I thought he was very sensitive about the recent Bush "election" etc. (He didn't mention W by name or initial.) During his intro to Put It In Your Heart he said how he realised putting more anger out in the world doesn't help. Of course a guy in the audience (there's always one) yelled for If I Had A Rocket Launcher. I'm glad he didn't play it.

He kidded about the darkness of You've Never Seen Everything. He said the next song was from the new album, but don't worry, it's not the title cut. That's kind of dark. (Not an exact quote)

He may have hung out for the dance party after the silent auction announcements were to be made. I don't know. We left after his set because it was a long ride and the babysitter's meter was running. He exited through the audience and the people he passed shook his hand and thanked him. He is truly amazing.



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