-- 9 September 2003 --

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DATE: 9 September 2003
The Forum
London, UK


  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Tried And Tested
  • Postcards From Cambodia
  • Call It Democracy
  • All Our Dark Tomorrows
  • Let The Bad Air Out
  • Trickle Down

  • Down To The Delta
  • Wait No More
  • Open
  • Night Train
  • You've Never Seen Everything
  • If I Had A Rocket Launcher
  • Last Night Of The World
  • Messenger Wind

  • Pacing The Cage
  • Mighty Trucks Of Midnight
  • Planet Of The Clowns
  • Don't Forget About Delight


    Submitted by Bill Pannifer and Alastair McKay who reports

    Three guitars used: the two Manzers and a 12-string Guild.

    After an entrancing gig the evening before at the Stables, this one wasn't so satisfying for me, although I think it was different for those seeing him for the first time on this tour. To my mind, the Forum just isn't as conducive to Bruce's music (although they had put out seats this time — for Bruce's middle-aged fans — and again it was hard to spot anyone under 30), being too big, and the sound mix wasn't as pure, and the set list wasn't as special.

    Highlights for me were Postcards From Cambodia (how many other people could write a thought-provoking song about genocide that avoids platitudes?), and Let The Bad Air Out, which had a great funky sound to it — improved on the original, I think. Also, Mighty Trucks Of Midnight (too good to ever bore of), and Planet Of The Clowns (Bruce at his poetic best).

    Bruce was in more relaxed mood than the previous evening, chatted more, and had an adoring and at times raucous audience, with requests being screamed out towards the end.

    Julie Wolf was also on good form, again with a couple of intriguing solos on Trickle Down and Mighty Trucks Of Midnight, but overall providing the subtle support that gave depth to the overall sound, but never hogged the limelight — the perfect accompanist. I omitted to mention yesterday how much I enjoyed her accordion playing.

    Mike C adds:

    Been listening to Bruce for 25 years. This was the third time I had seen him liv, and it was yet another wonderful night. Disappointed that the place was not fuller for him, but it added to the relaxed atmosphere. Julie was a stunning bonus on backup vocals and keyboards. Her contributions were a significant part of what was just one of those life-reaffirming evenings.


    QUALITY: Excellent
    COMMENTS: Recording information from Harry Scott

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