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DATE: 25 November 2003
Heart Theatre (The Egg)
Albany, NY, USA


  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • If I Had A Rocket Launcher
  • Mighty Trucks Of Midnight
  • Tried And Tested
  • Burn
  • Put It In Your Heart
  • My Beat
  • Trickle Down

  • Bone In My Ear
  • Wait No More
  • Open
  • Night Train
  • Call It Democracy
  • You've Never Seen Everything
  • To Raise The Morning Star
  • Last Night Of The World

  • All The Ways I Want You
  • Stolen Land
  • Celestial Horses
  • Lord Of The Starfields


    Setlist and photos submitted by the Project's Suzanne Myers.

    Mighty Trucks Of Midnight was very jazzy with a long, winsome solo by Julie Wolf. The new version of Burn truly 'fits' the times, and Night Train was done with a Cajun twist, with Julie on the squeezebox. You've Never Seen Everything is incredibly powerful done live, vs. the album version. To Raise The Morning Star was revamped with jazzy syncopation, and Last Night Of The World got people dancing!

    All The Ways I Want You was a solo for Julie with Bruce backing her up, which was incredible, and Stolen Land went on and on, with Bruce's playing powerful and energetic, even after a very long show. Celestial Horses calmed us all down, and Lord Of The Starfields was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

    Ben Kemp also contributes the following:

    Bruce walked on stage and just before he started to play he found a packet of something on stage (left by an audience member). "Goodness gracious, mail already," he said. He read the label out loud: "Texas Home Grown Dope", and turned it over to reveal a photo of George W. Bush, which he thought was pretty clever and thanked the giver.

    He began the concert by dedicating the concert in memory of Eric Hendrickson, courtesy of a note written to Bruce from his friends. At one point, a fan welcomed Bruce back to The Egg. Bruce commented on the odd architecture, not knowing what was up or down, and excuded himself for forgetting a line from Burn because he was too busy thinking about how The Egg looked like a mothership poised on its pillar waiting to take off, like the one out west. He said jokingly that he's seen two buildings that make him think the government is planning on a flood or something, and The Egg is one of them.

    Prior to Put It In Your Heart, he made his usual comments about flicking through TV stations after 9/11 and seeing the "smug and self-righteous" Pat Roberts and Jerry Falwell. He then sited himself at that moment as being in the same hateful mindset as Osama or the conspirators, because the world we live in has an "endless circle of bitterness and blame."

    I'd have to say the highlights of the evening were the piano and guitar solos on various songs. On a couple of songs, it was like a rock concert with amazing guitar playing. It was also great to have the show end with a couple of my old favorites.

    David Malachowski, writing in local paper the Times Union, said, "Cockburn took on the air of an elder, wise and firm in stance. His songs were weighty and literate -- most were concerned with corporate greed, political deception, the environment and spiritual bankruptcy. His deep voice held a hint of rasp that just added to its warmth and conviction. His many excellent echoey guitar solos were hypnotic and burning at the same time -- resulting in a very unique, but effective, style. He also rolled out an impressive collection of guitars during the course of the evening. On another extended solo, his single note flourishes keept pace with melodic double-stops and octaves. The sound was remarkable: crystal clear and studiolike, which added immensely to the overall high quality vibe and listenablity. You've Never Seen Everything had a delicious Rod Sterling sci-fi feel. Cockburn's tunes all had serious overtones, but the show still had a hopeful, positive outlook and atmosphere. Even in their heaviness, Cockburn's compositions stand as compelling tunes melodically as well, making the points easier to digest. Powerful music and lingering messages made for a memorable night at The Egg indeed."



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