-- 19 May 2003 --

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DATE: 19 May 2003
The Tulip Festival
Ottawa, ON, Canada


  • Night Train
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • Open
  • The Whole Night Sky
  • Bone in My Ear
  • All Our Dark Tomorrows
  • Let The Bad Air Out
  • Postcards From Cambodia
  • Trickle Down
  • Tried And Tested
  • You've Never Seen Everything
  • To Raise The Morning Star


  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Last Night Of The World
  • Wait No More
  • World Of Wonders


    Submitted by Ron Hawboldt.

    Comments about All Our Dark Tomorrows: "This is another one of the new songs. It was inspired by… well a couple things kicked it off and it was inspired by a general situation. But there were a couple immediate causes… one was after the alleged election in the US… the last one… there were a lot of things floating around the internet and I don’t really do the internet so I didn’t see them but somebody I know came up with this quote that purported to be from the old European profit Nostradamus which may be the case, or may not, I don’t know, but it was couched in that language and it… I can’t remember the exact wording unfortunately, but it said something to the effect that at the turn of the millennium in the seat of the greatest power the village idiot will ascend to the throne. That seemed like too good a thing to leave alone ya know… that and a movie by Federico Fellini called Fellini Satyricon… it came out in the 70’s and it was a… at the time a sort of metaphoric portrayal of modern life but depicted something happening in ancient times... kind of ancient mythic times. Everyone in the movie is kind of nutty except two people… there’s a middle-aged couple in their country villa who half way through the movie in their sanity… in their complete sanity, look around at the world and decide to commit suicide together because they don’t see a place for themselves in this nutty world so that kind of figures in this too… you’ll see why… the song is called All Our Dark Tomorrows."



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