-- 18 May 2003 --

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DATE: 18 May 2003
PDCI Theatre
Perth, ON, Canada


  • Night Train
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • Open
  • The Whole Night Sky
  • All Our Dark Tomorrows
  • Let The Bad Air Out
  • Put It In Your Heart
  • Bone in My Ear (Bruce played the small, green charango for this one)
  • Tried And Tested
  • Postcards From Cambodia


  • Mighty Trucks Of Midnight (Hugh Marsh featured on violin)
  • Trickle Down ("Named after the popular economic theory of the same name")
  • Pacing The Cage
  • You've Never Seen Everything
  • To Raise The Morning Star (Huge intro that had me wondering what song it was going to be)
  • Wait No More (Played on dobro)
  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Last Night Of The World


  • World Of Wonders (River of Sand version)
  • Don't Forget About Delight


    Submitted by Nancy Bouwma.

    We were fortunate enough to attend Bruce's show in Perth, Ontario last night. Thanks to Chuck Shankman and the people of The Folk Upstairs group in Perth, the 600 people that attended the sold out show were treated to a generous preview of Bruce's new work.

    When Bruce stepped out onto the stage he was greeted with an appreciative round of applause from the audience. He stepped up to the microphone and said that he thought he had played in Perth with his band in the 60's. We were seated up front, and I asked him if he didn't remember the 60's that well. He responded with, "there's a few things about the 60's I'd like to forget, some I remember too well." All this said with that classic grin pasted on his face.

    Bruce was accompanied by Gary Craig on percussion and Hugh Marsh on violin. Gary Craig was a master as he sometimes played three percussion instruments at one time. You would swear that he had more than two hands as he played gong, bells, windchimes, various floor and mounted bongos, as well as shakers, with precision timing. Hugh Marsh was amazing to watch as he plucked or bowed his violins as a perfect complement to Bruce's guitar. There were a few recorded background rhythms added to some of the new songs as well.

    Bruce was wearing a sort of skateboarder jersey top, grey with yellow and white stripes, and his army green khaki pants. He later commented on his outfit of choice following the intermission. He said "it's rewarding to find you all back here and thank you for being here... that's a Canadian thing to say isn't it? Speaking of Canadian, I had a look at this outfit in the mirror and I look like an older, fatter, maler Avril Lavigne." He then went on to say that we would not be catching a glimpse of his navel anytime soon, as some of the stars of the day choose to reveal.

    I always find it difficult to just get up and walk out after one of Bruce's shows. I like to soak up the moment and retain it in memory. Fortunately, we will be seeing Bruce again in July when he comes to Kingston. Until then I will look forward to reading other people's reports on the long list of shows to come.

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