-- 22 July 2003 --

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DATE: 22 July 2003
The Boulder Theatre
Boulder, CO, USA


  • Tried And Tested
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • Mighty Trucks Of Midnight
  • Burn
  • Southland Of The Heart
  • Wait No More
  • Bone In My Ear
  • Postcards From Cambodia
  • Trickle Down

  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Open
  • Night Train
  • You've Never Seen Everything
  • If I Had A Rocket Launcher
  • To Raise The Morning Star
  • Last Night Of The World
  • Messenger Wind

  • Call It Democracy
  • Celestial Horses
  • Don't Forget About Delight


    Submitted by Todd Howell.

    Typical crowd in the People's Republic of Boulder, elderly hippies gone respectable, youthful unwashed Trustafarians, and the smattering of young punks. They all cheered when Bruce mentioned his distaste for GW or used a naughty word in a song. A lot of folks yelled out all manner of obscurities from the copious Cockburn Catalogue. There was a temptation to yell "Do what you want, Bruce! It's your show!" Restraint prevailed.

    The band was great. Ben and Steve, the tallest rhythm section in rock, were their usual groovaciously excellent selves. Julie Wolf is a great find and added a lot vocally. The accordian playing and Fender Rhodes sounds were great as well. There was the occasional keyboard over-indulgence, but her sense of craft and presence mightily overcame it.

    You've Never Seen Everything somehow seemed to be a black comedy and real chuckle inducer.

    Larry McDowell contributes this:

    I enjoyed the banter between the crowd and Bruce. It gave the whole show a more intimate feel. I’m sure that Bruce enjoyed it as well. In fact, he commented on how we were probably the most entertaining crowd they have had so far which drew a huge roar from the audience.

    The band was great! Julie Wolf not only was solid on keyboard but complimented Bruce’s voice very well. At times, they sounded like one voice. Her keyboard solos were great and she did just enough to make you want more. Steve and Ben were both solid adding a nice foundation to a great sounding ensemble. One thing that I couldn’t get over was how great the mix was. Every instrument and vocals were dialed in to a t. I admit it helped that my seat was in front of the mixing board but, this was by far, one of the best live mixes I have heard in quite a while.

    Bruce was great! He had a great rapor with the audience and it kept him smiling all night. One thing about Bruce is that he doesn’t get enough credit for his guitar playing. It is just as strong as his songwriting. Toward the latter part of the show, the band went on a jam where he and Julie traded solos. Bruce was lighting it up with some jazz licks and blues. He busted out the wah toward the end of the solo and I swear the spirit of Jimi Hendrix was playing through him. I looked around and many jaws were dropped.

    The concert was awesome with no disappointments and was one of the best, if not the best concerts I have been to. I must thank my father in law, Roger, for introducing me to Bruce’s music and for buying me the ticket for the show.

    One of the highlights was You’ve Never Seen Everything. Wow! I really do enjoy his spoken word stuff and then BOOM! Julie and him kick in was some awesome harmony. Don’t Forget About Delight was a nice touch for the last song. Leaving us with a positive message to part with.



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