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DATE: 9 December 2001
VENUE/SHOW: Landmine Benefit Concert, The Birchmere
LOCATION: Alexandria, VA, USA.


  • Last Night Of The World
  • My Beat
  • All The Ways I Want You
  • The Mines Of Mozambique


    Setlist from Janet Scoggins:

    It was the first time we'd seen Bruce, and we were amazed at the power of his performance. It seems that for the other shows on the tour he was only able to do three songs, but by the time he did the Birchmere show, Nancy Griffith had dropped out so there was time for each musician to do an additional song. When Bruce was leading into All The Ways I Want You, he pointed out that Jimmy Buffett was covering the song on his next release and he was curious to hear what Jimmy was going to do with it. Bruce's performance of the song was breathtakingly beautiful. When he finished, it was Mary Chapin Carpenter's turn. After the applause for Bruce died down she looked at Bruce, paused for a long moment, and said "FORGET Jimmy Buffett!" This resulted in another roaring round of applause for Bruce. We couldn't have agreed more!

    The Mines of Mozambique was probably the most powerful and moving live performance we've ever seen. It was the only number that all the artists contributed to, but Bruce's thundering guitar and commanding vocals dominated and brought the audience to their feet. His narrative in the middle of the song was mesmerizing! It was a moment we'll never forget. If anyone had forgotten the reason we were all there, this song brought it all back home.

    After the show we had the opportunity to meet Bruce. There was a silent auction...the prize was a photograph to be taken with all the artists and Sen. Patrick Leahy. My husband bid, hoping to get a great Christmas gift for me, and he won! I was led into a room where they were all lined up and someone tried to push me toward Sen. Leahy. I objected, saying "But I have to be next to Bruce!" They obliged and I was positioned next to Bruce. Thank God!! Imagine my husband's reaction to contributing $350 to the Landmine Campaign and ending up with a photo of Patrick Leahy and me!



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