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DATE: 3 December 2001
VENUE/SHOW: Landmine Benefit Concert, State Theater
LOCATION: Detroit, Michigan, USA.
SHOW COMMENTS: As well as performing 3 of his own songs, Mr Cockburn also played guitar with the majority of other artists.


  • Tibetan Side Of Town
  • My Beat (with Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Patty Griffin)
  • The Mines Of Mozambique (with Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, and Mary Chapin Carpenter)


    Submitted by David Komjathy.

    "Bruce first spoke about a half hour into the show. He talked for about 10 minutes about how he loves to travel, about how every culture has its own, idiosyncratic way of getting drunk, and how the Tibetan ritual of drinking
    tungba inspired Tibetan Side of Town.
  • "He introduced My Beat as a new song about his new hometown, Montreal, and how it would appear on his new album of "secret hits" as record companies demand a few new songs as a measure of "future good faith". He spoke of it being written from a bicyclist-around-town point of view. He spoke for about 7 minutes.

    "Bruce introduced his last song by noting that this was the second anniversary of the signing of the Ottawa Convention which banned the manufacture, sale, and use of anti-personnel mines. He noted that America is not among the signees to the treaty. He then spoke of his own history of being involved in anti-mine campaigns and about how his first trip to Mozambique 10 years ago inspired it, noting that he had no intention of going there to "mine" it for material, and how obscene it would be to do that, and that be that as it may, some songs just come, as this one did.

    "Equipment: Bruce kept it simple. His main axe was his Jerry Jones cutaway acoustic that he used on Breakfast, played through a medim sized single cabinet amp. He played a large dreadnought 12 string that looked like a
    Guild for My Beat, but used the Jerry Jones for everything else."



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