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DATE: 19 May 2000
VENUE/SHOW: The Rosebud
LOCATION: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


First set:
  • You Don't Have To Play The Horses
  • When You Give It Away
  • The Trouble With Normal
  • Look How Far
  • Let The Bad Air Out
  • Down To The Delta
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • Use Me While You Can

    Second set:
  • Pacing The Cage
  • Live On my Mind
  • End Of All Rivers
  • Isn't That What Friends Are For?
  • Mango
  • Night Train
  • Call It Democracy
  • Feast Of Fools
  • Last Night Of The World

    Encore 1:
  • Embers Of Eden
  • Dialogue With The Devil

    Encore 2:
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Waiting For A Miracle

    Michael Blakemore reported to the Project:

    The show last Friday evening in Pittsburgh was your typical Cockburn performance...wonderful. My wife and I always feel privileged every time we get a chance to see and hear Bruce perform. This time we sat eight feet from Bruce and had the privilege of watching every expression as he sang and played for all of us for more than two hours. The Rosebud is a bar/dance hall with a fairly nice atmosphere. The crowd was obviously filled with fans. The only odd thing about the show was the 7:30 P.M. start. Even Bruce made a comment under his breath as he started the show about, "ah daylight". Nonetheless, he kicked the show off right on schedule with "Horses", then moved right in to "Give It Away". His third song, one of my favorites, "Trouble With Normal", brought the crowd up a notch. And then, just like that, he mellowed the place with, "Look How Far The Light Came". "Bad Air" came next. The crowd reaction was surprising to this song. I expected a little participation from the group on the chorus since it would have been somewhat in line with the recording. But, despite the generous consumption of alcohol, they just listened and Bruce did both parts. "Delta", provided the instrumental all of us guitar fans were waiting for, however, it wasn't inspired. Well played, yes, but not inspired. The next piece was much more emotional. "Lovers In A Dangerous Time" was a song for this crowd. They seemed to love the choice. The first set concluded with "Use Me". After a brief intermission, the second set opened with "Pacing". What a beautiful song. "Live On My Mind" was next followed by a nice new jam he called " End Of All Rivers". He continued with "Friends" and "Mango" from Timbuktu. He slipped back in time just a little to treat us to "Night Train", and then a little further back to play, what has come to be obligatory at all B.C's concerts, the ever popular radio hit "Democracy". The funny thing is, its a great song, and I even like it after hearing it a thousand (now a thousand and one) times. The one song nobody expected, as far as I could tell, was "Feast Of Fools". I would have named fifty song I expected before that one. But, it too, was a treat. " Last Night" ended the second set. The crowd was predictably appreciative. The ovation brought us four more songs. "Embers", then a great old piece, "Dialogue With The Devil". More applause, and then "Blueberry" and "Miracle", before Bruce, Ben and Steve called it a night. Many thanks to Riley and Lukas. They work perfectly with Bruce. Unlike many performers who have a very devout following, Bruce took the time to sign autographs and to speak to each person who waited quietly and patiently for his exit. He is more than a great musician, more than a magnificent songwriter. He seems to be a man who understand his role in life and is comfortable with it. He is gifted and admired. He inspires others. And he works his ass off. The crowd at the Rosebud on Friday obviously felt much the same way. My wife and I both heard numerous comments praising his talent, dedication and intellect. We are already looking forward to our next Cockburn concert.



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