---1 August 2000 --

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DATE: 1 August 2000
LOCATION: San Francisco, California, USA


First set:
  • Lord Of The Starfields
  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Look How Far
  • Let The Bad Air Out
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • If I Had A Rocket Launcher
  • Down To The Delta
  • Use Me While You Can

    Second set:
  • Live On My Mind
  • End Of All Rivers
  • Understanding Nothing
  • Mango
  • Night Train
  • Call It Democracy
  • Feast Of Fools
  • Last Night Of The World

    Encore 1:
  • You Don't Have To Play The Horses
  • When You Give It Away

    Encore 2:
  • Blueberry Hill
  • All The Diamonds


    Steve Cole reported to the Project :

    First, the customary fashion report. Bruce was wearing olive cargo pants and a blueish Hawaiian shirt with palm trees and hula dancers ringing the bottom. The first set was nice, but not overly impressive or exciting until "Down to the Delta" which featured Steve playing some really inspired bass leads. The second set was great. The big surprise was "Understanding Nothing". At the conclusion Bruce said, "speaking of moist spice forests" and I immediately thought that he was referring to the hot, sweaty room. But, when he started playing Mango, I knew the he had meant something else. He made a lengthy political introduction to "Call It Democracy" the gist of which was that America needed a third party. Not that Canada is an ideal because it's fucked-up too, but in a benign sort of way. And Canada's third party doesn't exactly keep the other two honest, just leaning that way. Following this was "Democracy" and then a ripping "Feast of Fools". Then he took the show home in fine form from there. It was a fun night and a great show.

    Suzanne Pfeil reported to the Project that:

    Bruce was intense on Sunday at the Fat Fry, he held the manzer like it was a bayonetted rifle and neck veins were bulging out. Slims was a different Bruce, relaxed and enjoying himself. Time for just one moment... Bruce was talking about End of all Rivers, unrecorded new song but everyones heard about right, because of the internet. That got a laugh, but leave it to Suzanne to bring it back to real time, she yelled to Bruce to turn up his guitar . Bruce said he could arrange that, that he was there to please us, and thanks.


    SOURCE: 1)Audience tape from 6th row center
    2)Audience tape
    QUALITY: 1)"very little audience noise, well balanced levels"
    2)rated excellent-
    COMMENTS: 1)First 15 seconds of Lord of the Starfields and Live on My Mind missing
    2)Complete show, minus All The Diamonds

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