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DATE: 27 October 1994
VENUE/SHOW: Graffitti
LOCATION: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


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Jamie Thompson reported to Frank Brusca's Bruce Cockburn website:
Among the unusual things that happened that night: Bruce played The Blues Got The World By The Balls which really took me by surprise because I'd never seen him play anything from his first 4 albums. The audience went nuts!
He also played The Whole Night Sky which he introduced as a brand new song. I wondered if I would ever hear it again....
Anyway, on with the story!
As the concert unfolded there was a woman several rows behind us who kept calling out, "Somebody Touched Me!"
In the noise and cavernous quality of the room it sounded to me like she was saying, "Somebody Touch Me!". Isn't it just like me to hear something like that? I laughed to myself but kept a straight face. Bruce ignored her.
After at least a dozen identical pleas from the woman, though, some guy way on the other side of the room called out, "Somebody Touch Her!" which broke the room into hysterics, including Bruce. Apparently others heard the same distortion that I heard.
After that the woman quieted down and the concert wound down to it's conclusion. But when Bruce came back for his encore the woman piped up again for a last try. "Somebody Touched Me!" she cried.
Bruce squinted at her through the glare of the lights and then put on a face that was sort of a cross between confusion and embarassment.... like the face you make if some distinguished person you know dribbles food down their front or if you open an unlocked bathroom door to find them sitting on the john with a horrified look on their face.
Then he said, "...Uhh, thanks for sharing?..." Then he made sidelong glances around the room with a look that seemed to say, "why are you telling us?".
The room broke into hysterics again and Bruce opened Peggy's Kitchen Wall with a smile on his face. He never played Somebody Touched Me for the poor woman.

Recording information from Nathan Wirth.


SOURCE: Audience
QUALITY: Unknown

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