---30 and 31 August 1979 --

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DATE: 30 and 31 August 1979
VENUE/SHOW: Lutheran Student Movement - Canada National Study Conference
LOCATION: Hastings Lake, Alberta, Canada.


August 30:
  • Red Ships Take Off In The Distance
  • All The Diamonds
  • Incandescent Blue
  • Nanzen Ji
  • Laughter
  • Water Into Wine
  • Arrows Of Light
  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • Hills Of Morning
  • Creation Dream
  • Dialogue With The Devil
  • Joy Will Find A Way
  • Lord Of The Starfields
  • Dweller By A Dark Stream

    August 31:
  • Foxglove
  • Rainfall
  • Soul Of A Man
  • I'm Gonna Fly Someday
  • Scanning These Crowds (different music and some different lyrics from released version)
  • Badlands Flashback
  • Cader Idris
  • After The Rain
  • Woman Clothed With The Sun
  • Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long
  • Bright Sky
  • Vagabondage
  • Laughter
  • Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
  • Festival Of Friends


    From the liner notes (by Stephen Larson) of the below mentioned remastered cdr of the show: "In August 1979, the Lutheran Student Movement - Canada National Study Conference was held at Hasting's lake, Alberta -- a church camp near Edmonton. The theme of the conference was "Darkness, Fire and Whispered Stories: Creative Expressions of the Good News." Invited speakers on this topic of "faith and art" included a potter who worked at his wheel while speaking about God as a creative artist; a film maker who spoke of faith dimensions within her craft -- and Bruce Cockburn.

    Bruce gave a two-night, annotated concert. he sang his songs and told stories about how they came to be written. Throughout the concert he responded to questions from the audience of university students. In the afternoons, he gave guitar workshops, teaching interested students some of the tricks of his trade.

    1979 was the summer of Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws and Wondering Where The Lions Are.

    Was the concert wonderful? Have a listen!"


    SOURCE: Soundboard
    QUALITY: Very Good/ Excellent
    COMMENTS: This show was circulated for years in a much inferior sounding version, until the master tapes were made available by the original taper(s) for circulation as a benefit for a Ban the Landmines charity. The original tapes were remastered and transferred to cdr with artwork and show details.

    There is also an excerpt of Feast Of Fools which was taken from a worship service during the same two days and is not recorded well.

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